Announcement from cherry farm 産地からのお知らせ

Order of American Cherry  has started, and many customers have already ordered.

Thank you! Auvil Farm has notified us about the situation of the production A lot of delicious cherries have grown in Auvil  Farm again this year. The weather is the main concern for the time being. According to the forecast, the temperature will be higher than normal over this weekend. However, there is no forecast of heavy rain, so  there is no real concern at this time.

The leaflet of  Gee-whiz gift cherry new version was completed. We put it in a box and going to send it together. For the time being, our staffs will keep an eye on the weather forecast.



Gee-whizギフトチェリーに今年から使用するleafletも出来上がりました。こちらを箱の中に入れて一緒にお送りさせていただく予定です。 現在のところ特に大きな問題もなく、このまま美味しく育ってくれることを祈ります。とにかくスタッフは当分の間、天気予報から目が離せない状況が続きそうですね。

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