Auvil Cherries 

Order Cutoff Date: June 25th

Planned Delivery Schedule*: mid to late July


Pacific Northwest Cherries (Oregon or Washington)

Order Cutoff Date: June 30th

Planned Delivery Schedule*: late June through mid July


*The schedules may change. We will post any changes on our blog and will reach out to you through email when there are major changes.

To order at one of our stores or via fax, please use the order form listed here.


ご注文受付締日: 6月25日

予定配達期間*: 7月中旬から下旬


ノースウェスト産 (オレゴン州またはワシントン州産)

ご注文受付締日: 6月30日

予定配達期間*: 6月下旬から7月中旬




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